About me

What can I say about myself? (written in 2010, updated in 2016)

I like reindeers, elks, and Nordic countries, Stargate series, coffee with honey, Harry Potter books (even 6 year later it’s still true, in the meantime I became a fan of Richelle Mead’s and Samantha Shannon’s books and can’t wait for more of them), RnB, spaghetti and sushi (ohm….living with Luboš has broaden my horizons a lot and I have realized that there were even more music genres and even more delicious food  than I had thought…just visit Luboš culinary page and you’ll see what I am talking about), the Simpsons (ohm…..eh….do I?), fitbo (let’s say sport in general), blue and white colors (white? what a boring color, there are so many beautiful colors), sporting clothes (still true but I do prefer casual and elegant clothes at the moment), flowers (of course!!!), chocolate (I would be stupid changing my mind!!!), going to the cinema (well, sitting with the bunch of people in my back making noise while eating pop-corn and drinking a liters of cola did change my mind), Christmas (what???), my friends (still true), Bavarian pretzels (yep, but only those made in Bavaria) and cinnamon (ohm, why did I mention that? maybe because of the Swedish Kanelbullar, however having the choice I would prefer crème brûlée or mousse a chocolate)…..plus some more, e.g. I like wine and beer (who would have thought that 6 years ago), baking (unbelievable).

I do not like spinach (not true anymore, I was convinced by Luboš cooking skill), conundrums or quizes, foolishness, liars, skiing, black tee, rainy weather, getting up (all still true), washing the dishes (haha, we bought a dishwasher), techno (yep!), driving a car (eh, I was forced to buy a car, it’s not my favorite activity but it’s ok, I guess), smoke, horrors, rum, Easter, ammonia smell, ginger (it depends, I guess ginger is ok now more or less, I have for sure no problem with ginger tea or small pieces of ginger in a food) and mosquitos (who would like them?)….

Song that makes me happy (still true) and one song Happy.

Music (1, 2) that makes me feel good (ohm, the quality of their songs has become worse in the last few years, they are still ok but not really my favorite ones).

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